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Midnight Tango Animation

The lively music, the decadent nightclubs, and sensual dancing couples of the late 1920's have been a big influenced in my painting. Now I'm excited to show you these attractions in my series focusing on the Hotel Utah and her Rooftop Garden Restaurant.

Even though the Hotel Utah no longer exists, the building still stands on the corner of South Temple and Temple Square in Salt Lake City. You can still dine in the restaurant, but it no longer offers open air seating. The big name dance orchestras have been replaced with dull recorded music, which makes it impossible to dance there with your sweetie. The Rooftop Garden Restaurant still offer great views of downtown Salt Lake, Temple Square and sunsets on the lake.

After I learned about California Proposition 8, and the LDS church view point on the subject at the time, I decided to make my series into a satire. My mixed couples are all enjoying the same music in an open and inviting atmosphere. Each painting shows a different angle of the restaurant, to give you the sense that you are a visitor as well.

Enjoy your evening, and don't forget to tip your waiter.